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Welcome to my website!  I hope that you are able to find all the information you need in order to make an informed decision about your mental health care.  As the seasons change it is important to take time for your own self care.  We tend to hurry around life and tend to others’ needs while forgetting to take care of our self.  I believe in living a balanced life and it is very difficult to juggle all the aspects of life in our busy world.  Part of psychotherapy is to look at where we are out of balance in life and giving attention to that area in need of attention.  Sometimes we are guilty of over working ourselves and neglecting our mental, physical and spiritual health.  I suggest taking time out of your busy day to just “be present” and not “do” anything.  While it is very difficult to sit still, we may notice the spaciousness that is around us and begin to feel the interdependence of all things in life.  If you are not one that is able to sit for 10-15 minutes and notice the stillness around you, then try doing the dishes by “just doing the dishes.”  Ignore the need to think about the next thing you have to do or worrying about what happened hours before, just DO the dishes and notice the mindfulness that arises in the act of doing the dishes.  It sounds a little silly, but try it.   Feel the water across your hands while listening to the water flowing in the sink and the smell of the soap.  If you take your awareness out of the thinking mind and to the “just noticing” what you are doing, then you will notice a presence and spaciousness that comes forth.  Those little gaps between thoughts may get bigger and there is a sense of peace in that space.  I suggest trying this and notice the gaps between the thinking mind and remember to rest there, even if it is a few seconds of no thinking or worrying.  I wish you a peaceful and balanced day.   Live Love!